Leaving for Positano

Inside stuff to pack

It has been a fantastic 6 months reveling in the Tuscan way of life but all good things must end.  And our ending is just a new beginning as we swap Tuscany for Positano on the Amalfi Coast.

We were there in July when it was summer and it was almost tropically hot. In November it should be cooler but still as warm as a summer’s day back home.

Outside stuff to pack

We shall see, but first we have to get there and that means cramming everything we own into our Renault Megane Wagon and driving south for about 5 hours … 6 with stops for the girls.

Farewell Tuscany, hello Positano.

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Then and now

The changing landscape of Tuscany – from our arrival in May to our departure in October. The photos are taken from the terrace at our place, 6 months apart.

An autumn night in the Campo


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Siena is full of restaurants and most of these are either fully or partially outdoor.  This is particularly true of those that ring the Campo. In summer outdoor dining makes perfect sense with umbrellas or awnings giving protection from the … Continue reading

It’s a dog’s life

Morning in the cottage means chores – dishes, bed making, vacuuming, all the usual stuff.  Recently the girls have started watching this happen from the safety of the couch.  Neither Jean nor I can make a move without two sets of eyes tracking us.

If we show any sign of deviating from the routine, all hell breaks loose.

Let’s go shopping

When we headed to Europe in April, we didn’t really expect to be here when the weather started to cool down.  As a result, winter clothes weren’t something we brought with us.

But in the last week, althought the days are still sunny and warm, the temperatures at night have started dropping.  It was clearly time to go shopping for something warmer to wear than shorts and a t-shirt.

The good news is that Italy is a great place to shop for clothes.  So stocking up wasn’t difficult.

For those interested, our new winter wardrobe consists of:


1)   Geox winter jacket with fur lined hood

2)   Mid grey coat jacket from Sisley

3)   Wool scarf from Sisley

10) Cream V neck jumper

11) Grey and blue round neck jumpers

12) Hilfiger casual boots


4)   Knee length cream wool coat

5)   Geox winter jacket with removable fur hood

6)   Max & Co grey top with gold buttons

7)   A long woolen top

8)   Assorted pants including Calvin Klein jeans

9)   Classic cream roll neck jumper

13) Geox sports shoes

14) Black nero boots

15) Fur lined suede boots

Having looked at the photo of the clothes Jean’s comment was “where’s the colour”? So that’s something we still need to add as well as some gloves and hats.  After that, bring on winter.

Heading south – again

Our stay in Tuscany is coming to an end.  We leave at the end of October but our original plans to head home have changed a bit.

We have decided to chase the warm(ish) weather south to Positano and have arranged to stay for 6 weeks at Villa Greta looking out over the ocean. After we spent two weeks there in July we always said it was somewhere we wanted to return.

So, at the end of the week, we pack up the Renault and head south until early December.

It sounds simple when you say it fast but after 6 months we are quite settled in our tiny cottage in Tuscany.  We have a lot to take with us.  Slightly more, we suspect, than our 3 suitcases can carry.