Leaving for Positano

Inside stuff to pack

It has been a fantastic 6 months reveling in the Tuscan way of life but all good things must end.  And our ending is just a new beginning as we swap Tuscany for Positano on the Amalfi Coast.

We were there in July when it was summer and it was almost tropically hot. In November it should be cooler but still as warm as a summer’s day back home.

Outside stuff to pack

We shall see, but first we have to get there and that means cramming everything we own into our Renault Megane Wagon and driving south for about 5 hours … 6 with stops for the girls.

Farewell Tuscany, hello Positano.

Note: For a larger version of the video click the “Share” button when the video is playing and select “Download Video”. A new window should open with a larger and better quality version of the movie.

2 thoughts on “Leaving for Positano

  1. Briliant Video, obvisously the big black bag proved to be a bit of an issue…but thought you did a great job! Hope Positano is wondeful, lots love xxx

    • Yes, the black bag was an absolute bugger. It was the catchall for everything from the kitchen that would be useful in the apartment at Positano and everything that couldn’t fit in suitcases. It weighed a ton and humping it around was a mission. And when we put it in car we hadn’t filled the footwells so it had to come out again. It’s good the movie didn’t contain the “sound bites” that were flying around at that time. And yes, Positano is wonderful – and warm.

      Lots of love
      G & J

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