Heading south – again

Our stay in Tuscany is coming to an end.  We leave at the end of October but our original plans to head home have changed a bit.

We have decided to chase the warm(ish) weather south to Positano and have arranged to stay for 6 weeks at Villa Greta looking out over the ocean. After we spent two weeks there in July we always said it was somewhere we wanted to return.

So, at the end of the week, we pack up the Renault and head south until early December.

It sounds simple when you say it fast but after 6 months we are quite settled in our tiny cottage in Tuscany.  We have a lot to take with us.  Slightly more, we suspect, than our 3 suitcases can carry.

4 thoughts on “Heading south – again

  1. Hello again mate,
    I recall this ‘transferring experience’ well. We moved from Bristol to Upton Scudamore in the UK in 2004. Not a long journey – about 90 minutes each way but our little Daewoo Nexia had to make three trips back and forth to relocate us and all our stuff. Raewyn went to work in the morning as per normal, and I did the transfers with her joining me for the final trip at day’s end… Safe travelling…

    • Thanks for the good wishes. As Positano is about 5 hours drive it’s one trip only so we have to fit everything into the car at once. We used to laugh when we passed the cars of Italian families going on holiday. They were stuffed to the roof line with all manner of stuff. Why couldn’t they travel light we used to ask. Well now that will be us. Cheers G.

    • Thanks for the good wishes. We are secretly hoping for another one of those late summer bursts of warm weather similar to when you were here. I don’t like our chances much but here’s hoping. Cheers G.

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