The view ahead

Highway to the mountains 2I took this shot on a trip across the South Island a couple of years ago. The day started off overcast and raining in Christchurch but the further west we drove the better the weather became.

As we climbed up into the Southern Alps the sun was starting to show and the low grey cloud was clearing.

Bella on the landing

Bella has taken to sitting on the landing and watching what is happening below. She won’t come down or go up, she just sits – unless there’s something on offer of course. Like a treat.


Piazza San Pietro in Roma

Piazza San Pietro RomaFor no particular reason I was looking through our photo archives and came across a half dozen shots we took of the piazza outside St Peters a few years ago. I’ve never stitched them together before. But now I have, they actually make a half decent panorama despite being from a camera quite low on megapixels.

As a matter of interest the Pope often gives blessing to the crowds in the piazza on Sunday from the window of the building in the centre of the shot. Top floor, second window from the right.

A month of birthdays

February is always a big birthday month at our place with both Jean and I celebrating another year passing. So blogging, quite rightly, takes a back seat to presents, cards, celebrations and birthday cakes.

Every so often there is a “big birthday” which warrants extra attention and this year it was one for Jean. There was a gathering of friends and family from all over the country and a night of merriment and good cheer. Followed by a day or so of quiet recovery.

To everyone who sent Jean and myself best wishes or who were part of the celebration, a huge thank you.