Our Photographs

We have an online photo album which contains the images used on this blog as well as many others.  To see photos select the links below:

Arriving in England – April 2011

Time in Italy – May to December 2011

Returning to England – January & February 2012

Holiday in Europe 2014 – time in the UK and Italy with friends

Holiday in Europe 2015 – Positano and Rome

Holiday in Europe 2017 – Rome, Tuscany, Positano and Matera

Holiday in Europe 2019 – Hong Kong airport, Tuscany, Camogli, Positano, Rome

Just Cars – our fleet in pictures

The Girls – photos of Poppie, Bella, Ellie and Daisy

4 thoughts on “Our Photographs

    • Hey Aude, so lovely to hear from you. Our whole adventure still seems like a dream to us. We’re having an absolutely brilliant time. Hope everything is going well for you there.

      Jean xx

  1. Merry Christmas Uncle Graeme, Aunty Jean and the girls. Travel safe, See you at the old man’s wedding – Simon, Sheryl, Enzo, Jagger (and unnamed addition due May).

    • Hey there,

      Best wishes to you all for Christmas and hope the New Year treats you well. Sounds like it already has, congratulations on the impending addition to the family.

      Buon Natale
      Jean and Graeme

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