On the road again

Pohara at sunset

For the next week or so we are on the road – heading south for a traditional kiwi Christmas break. A few days with relatives in Nelson and then on to Pohara, a small seaside village  nestled at the base of Golden Bay, at the top of the South Island.

There is a whole mix of friends and relatives descending on Pohara – by my rough count 5 rellies, 12 friends, Jean, me and Poppie. That’s 14 adults, 5 children and one dog. Nothing more to do than relax, eat and drink. It should be a great few days.

3 thoughts on “On the road again

  1. Nice place to go. Took the caravan there in 2003 when Tracy & I and several friends decended on Takaka to celebrate my 42nd birthday at a resturant called Milliways. Next morning we had a Bar-B-Q breakfast for 9 Adults and 3 children on the beach.

    • Actually on reflection, it may have been getting closer to lunch by the time we started- and tea time when we finished. Come to think of it- just one big whole day sort of meal.

  2. I have a very dear friend resident in that area, so are reasonably frequent visitors to Takaka

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