Dinner at Ristorante Bruno

Half way down the hill on the way to the beach at Positano there is a restaurant called Bruno. It started as a small indoor restaurant and, over the years, developed a great reputation for it’s food. In the last 3 or 4 years they have expanded outside which has been a challenge as the only place to go was across the main road which runs right past their front door.

That meant an initial 4 to 6 tables across from the restaurant which has now expanded to around 12 tables all spread along the narrow pavement. Any further expansion will be a challenge as beyond the current row of tables there is only a hand railing and a sheer drop down to the beach below.

Last night we ate at Ristorante Bruno and the food was, as always, great. An antipasto for two was followed by zuppa delle mare for me and fish of the day for Jean all washed down with a bottle of the local Falanghina wine.

Antipasto in Italy is an adventure – it can be great and it can be truly disappointing. Often it seems to be a mix of things the kitchen is trying to get rid of thrown together with little consideration for flavours. At Ristorante Bruno it was three distinct dishes – marinated squid with rocket and shaved parmesan, salmon with anchovies in a creamy sauce and the classic melon and Parma ham combined with egg plant, fresh cherry tomatoes and basil.

It all tasted fantastic.

Jean’s fish was beautifully cooked and my zuppa delle mare (fish soup) – well, I’m not one to photograph food but this soup was a bit special.


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