An evening in Noto

On Saturday we visited the historic hilltop village of Noto located about 45 minutes drive south west of Syracuse. It is  a UNESCO world heritage site famous for its fine early 18th century buildings, considered among the main masterpieces in the Sicilian baroque style (according to Wikipedia anyway.)

We arrived around 4pm and had the chance to see the town awaken from siesta and come alive for the evening. It never ceases to surprise me the transformation from a shuttered up deserted town to a bustling place full of life – all within the space of about 30 minutes.

The combination of a still evening, the sound of locals out for their evening stroll, the still warm cobblestones under your feet and the lights that start to come on up and down the streets is truly magical.

We had dinner at a restaurant just off the main street where we tried a range of the local cuisine  – heavily seafood influenced as we were still only about 40 km’s from the sea – washed down with bottles of local wine all produced within 20kms of the town.

Noto – not a place to miss.



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