Plonkers in Positano

Dinner at Chez Black can be a sophisticated affair. The restaurant is one of Positano’s oldest and most respected. Since 1949 it has been host to many famous people including Denzel Washington and Harvey Weistein who we sat next to a few years ago.

But no matter who you are, they insist that their signature dishes – ones that could turn messy – are accompanied by a bib to protect shirts, pants, dresses or whatever you’re wearing. There is no choice.

So every night you see the rich, the famous and the sophisticated (and on Thursday night us) sitting wearing a paper bib eating dinner. Now you would think the design of the bib would reflect the design flair Italy is known for – but no, it has a hand-drawn bow tie and set of shirt buttons printed on it and everyone who wears one looks like a plonker.

Including us.

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