Let the fun begin

Our guest room has taken on a new role – the packing room. It’s Sunday night so the bags are being filled with many things we won’t need and some that we will.

This afternoon we dropped the girls at their home for the next 4 weeks – Waglands Dogs’ Holiday Retreat. I kid you not, that’s what it’s called. When we left there were tears, a lot of barking and a very quiet drive home.

Tomorrow starts early at the airport at 7am and then we spend the next 34 hours travelling to Rome.

6 thoughts on “Let the fun begin

    • There are two long legs Auckland to Hong Kong 11.5 hours and Hong Kong to Rome 12.5 hours with layovers over around 5 hours in Auckland and a bit more in Hong Kong.

  1. You should fire your travel consultant! ….though on 2nd thoughts she tells me you just can’t wait to get there! & who can blame you – Perfect Positano!!

  2. Fun indeed! Hope things go well for you both. Hope you get through Hong Kong ok. Sorry, we didn’t contact you before your departure.
    Best wishes – Geoff and Claire.

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