A cure for jetlag

After 32 hours of travel, and a 12 hour time difference the perfect cure for jet lag was a dinner with friends, a decent sleep and, the following day, a walk through the English countryside. So that’s what we did the day after we arrived in the UK.

About 20 minutes drive from Gill and Andre’s place in Bromham is a country park which is  essentially a picnic park with a nature reserve attached. The main feature of the park is a quintessentially English woodland wrapped around a lake.

It took us about 30 minutes to meander along the track that circles the lake – time very well spent.


2 thoughts on “A cure for jetlag

  1. Hey you 2, gorgeous pics, glad to get that one long haul over and done with huh! Petra

  2. Hey Petra,

    That 32 hours of travel is a killer – thank God for that premium legroom and a wee bit of pampering onboard. On a completely different note, we love the House of Travel iPhone app – really well done.

    Graeme and Jean

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