MX5 reborn

After a brief pink period, the trusty Mazda MX5 arrived home pre-Christmas in resplendent red. It was immediately despatched to the trimmer for a new hood (the old one was a bit leaky) and the car is now as good as new.

Hats off to the team at Classic Auto Refinishers for the paint and panel work and Le Mans Auto Fabrics for the new hood.

And just to show that pink was only a passing phase, I took the car out last evening for a photo shoot.

2 thoughts on “MX5 reborn

  1. And that is what I call stylish – and of course red! No wonder so many have been sold. Cheers Ross H

    • Yep, it’s a great wee car. Just a shame the cost of the re-paint and roof probably exceeded the resale value of the car. But there you go.

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