Bella Day 23

Today was a landmark day for Bella. For the first time she summed up the courage to go down our stairs.

Up until today we always knew that if Bella was upstairs, that’s where she would stay – largely out of trouble. And Poppie knew that to escape the constant ambushes all she had to do was head downstairs.

This morning Bella turned up downstairs unannounced. Clearly nowhere in the house is safe anymore.

At 12 weeks, Bella is learning a huge amount. She now understands and responds to her name, knows where and when to line up for a meal and understands what the word “no” means. She is starting to pay attention to Jean and I but clearly her role model is Poppie. Whatever Poppie does, Bella copies and wherever Poppie goes the wee girl isn’t far behind.

I managed to capture Bella’s second stair descent on video.

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  1. Don’t you just love the considered hesitation, careful descent and then unbridled confidence – I did it – no problem easy! Cheers Ross

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