An escape to the south coast – part 1

For 2 days I hadn’t left the house. I had no meetings and being winter the weather had been bad. As a result, I became a recluse. By the afternoon of the second day I was going stir-crazy.

I had to get out.

My excuse was flimsy but it was an excuse – for some time I’ve wanted to take some photographs around Wellington’s southern coast. It’s a fantastic part of Wellington, a rugged coastline carved out over the years by southerly storms that throw huge swells at the shore, interspersed with beaches that survive despite the battering.

The south coast is home to Wellington City’s best (only) surf beach – Lyall Bay – which is a mecca for mad-bastard surfers who, after every storm, hit the water to ride waves thrown up by the swells in Cook Strait.

The day I was there was calmer – even bordering on pleasant – as the locals were going about there sunny winters-day routines. Dogs were playing on the beach, families were out walking and, yes, surfers surfing. There were lots to photographs to be taken.

As a result I was losing the light before I managed to venture further around the coast and further from civilisation. So this is part 1 of what could well become an ongoing series.

2 thoughts on “An escape to the south coast – part 1

  1. Mate that makes me homesick, get your ass around to Island Bay and take some spectacular shots for me x

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