An Echo of Tuscany

Every so often, as we sit here in the middle of Wellington’s winter, there is an echo of our time in Italy. Over the weekend we hung a picture on the wall. It was painted by our friend and talented artist Daniele, the partner of Olga our guardian angel in Tuscany.

Dani and Olga gave us the painting when we left Italy last year. It is a watercolor of Tuscany which, for us, summed up the beauty and simplicity of the region. Jean managed to get the painting all the way home undamaged and has had it framed. Last weekend it took pride of place on our wall.

Every time we look at it we think of friends and lazy afternoons sitting in the sun, talking, drinking (a little) and living la dolce vita.

1 thought on “An Echo of Tuscany

  1. Wow that looks fantastic – love the frame!!! Also LOVING the recovered couch and the chandelier!!!!!!

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