Girls on patrol

Villa Greta has a resident family of cats that live a little further along the property. Four cats and a kitten to be precise. You get the impression that they usually spend quite a bit of time at the villa entertaining the guests and generally doing what cats do best.

Poppie spots a cat

With the arrival of our girls everything has changed.

The moment a cat comes down looking for some attention, or their dinner, Poppie goes onto full alert. After 5 weeks you think there would be some kind of truce but no, one cat sitting on the steps outside the gate is still more than enough to wind Poppie up. Daisy, as you would expect, is a little more circumspect about the whole thing.

1 thought on “Girls on patrol

  1. Hahaha! I’m here at work and had the sound turned up too high, so when I started the video, Tom Jones blasted loudly through the halls!! LOL

    Very, very sweet, especially the last part, when you can see the silhouette of kitty walking off (IMHO, cats *love* to tease dogs!). Take care!

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