The “meant to be” dress – a modern fairytale concludes

The pretty girl visited the shop run by the wicked shopkeeper and discovered that the wicked shopkeeper was, in fact, her fairy godmother and had many, many magically beautiful dresses.  So many in fact that the pretty girl couldn’t decide which one she wanted.

She tried on many dresses, but no matter how many she tried on, she always came back to the magically beautiful dress. When she tried it on it fitted perfectly, music played and fairies and pixies danced around the shop.

She bought the magically beautiful dress and felt even prettier than normal.

On the way home with her handsome husband they passed the shop with the dress of green.  It stood in the window, it looked lonely and in need of an owner.  It had a small sign on it just for the pretty girl.  It said 20% off.  The handsome husband who, until this moment had remained silent spoke.

“If you cook a special meal of eggs and bacon for me and ensure there is ale in the house to wash it down the dress is yours.”  The pretty girl thought about this for an instant and entered the shop.  Moments later she returned with the dress of green.

It was meant to be, and they all lived happily after.

4 thoughts on “The “meant to be” dress – a modern fairytale concludes

  1. Ha ha – at bloody long last – the suspense was killing me. Jean the dress looks fab – worth waiting for and G – I hope you bacon and eggs went down a treat

    • We don’t have much else to worry about so the dress saga was huge over here. And the bacon and eggs were great – freshly cut Italian bacon laid in the frypan with eggs broken over the top and whole thing fried until the bacon is crispy and the eggs are just cooked. Mmmm, woman, cook me some bacon and eggs …

  2. The handsome husband collects his reward and the pretty lady does indeed look extremely pretty in her magical dress! Nice ending! xx

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