Amalfi, Ravello and dinner

On Sunday we took our visitors to Amalfi and Ravello.  This a drive of only 25kms from Positano but it takes the best part of 50 minutes given the narrow winding road along the coast.  You pass through picturesque villages along the way but at each one the road twists between buildings and it can, generously, be described as one lane.  Not good when you meet a bus coming the other way.

Amalfi is situated on the coast and is the largest town on the southern side of the Amalfi peninsular.  Even in overcast weather it is a beautiful place to visit with it’s main piazza being dominated by the cathedral of Sant’Andrea.

On Sunday there were swells rolling in off the ocean to quite spectacular effect.

After Amalfi we climbed above Amalfi to the small village of Ravello perched on the cliff edge. Ravello has a view along the Amalfi coast that is spectacular. The village is also home to some fine Italian gardens, in particular Villa Rufolo.  Although at this time of year the main piazza is quiet, in the height of summer it is full of tourists, particularly during it’s annual music festival in July and August.

The weather that was grey and overcast at Amalfi had cleared by the time we got to Ravello, typical of this time of year.

We wound our way back to Villa Greta in time for a late lunch.  We then adjourned to Eden Roc Hotel for dinner. Carlo and his the team did a fine job. The meals were delizioso but the highlight (as is often the case) were the desserts.  Tiramasu, Pannacotta and Chocolate Fondant washed down with an excellent sparkling (yes, sparkling) dessert wine.

2 thoughts on “Amalfi, Ravello and dinner

  1. Bit slow in catching up with your blog Bert…….. all these photos and stories bring back great memories of a fab weekend!!!!!! Mum and Allan are new fans of Positano – how could they not be! I got away with no comments on my purchases and we now know that Easyjet do infact leave the gate open past their stated time – although it was Italy and I wouldnt bet on this in the future!!!!

    Thankyou so much for your amazing hospitality, again! It will all be repaid in a couple of weeks!

    x0x0x0x0x0 G
    PS Shame it will be single figure temps when you get here and we won’t be able to see the pretty lady in ‘that’ dress – although I can always turn the heating up so we can have a viewing!

    • Hey there, it was a top weekend and we had a ball.

      What purchases? Sorry ,no idea what you’re on about. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

      Single figures temps? Must be a good omen for our white Christmas. See you soon.


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