A full on weekend

For the past few days Villa Greta has been a full house.  Our friend from the UK, Gill, and her folks from New Zealand jetted in from the UK on Friday night and we spent the weekend on and around the Amalfi Coast.

Ironically their arrival coincided with a change in the weather so in three days we experienced sun, rain, blue skies, grey skies and even thunder and lightening.

The first day was a slow start after a few welcome drinks the night before. We walked down to the beach at Positano, through the village, and had lunch at one of the beachfront cafes.  It was fascinating to experience a relaxed and casual Positano where there was time to window shop without feeling pressured and surrounded by tourists and for waiters to take extra time to make meals memorable – which in our case was huge glasses of white wine and two rounds of Limoncello to round out the meal.

Because of rough weather the night before there was a sea swell throwing waves at the wharf at Positano.  A quite spectacular sight and so different from the mid-summer “millpond” that is the Tyrrhenian Sea.

All the more reason to spend as much of the afternoon as possible watching the show from the safety of our table at Buca di Bacco’s Pergola restaurant.

Footnote: It has pointed out that, in a blog about our visitors, it’s odd that there are no actual photos of our visitors. Now I have to point out that one photo in the gallery is Gill, Jean and Irene having lunch.  I just thought the shot worked best in a slightly wider context.

Gill, Jean and Irene (partly obscured) having lunch

2 thoughts on “A full on weekend

  1. Even with the wild weather G – it still looks great. We are waiting for a storm to pass through today – muggy and still at the moment! Hope all is goig well and you are again enjoying your roel as tour guides extraordinaire

    • When we headed south we thought we wouldn’t need our summer gear but last week I was in shorts and a t-shirt for most of the week and even when the weather is rubbish it’s still warm. Yippee. Ciao G

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