Lest we forget

On the way from Tuscany to Positano we stopped in the town of Cassino which is located about halfway between Rome and Naples.  It was the site of a major battle in World War II with a correspondingly high loss of lives – British, German, Polish, Canadian, Australian and, of course, New Zealanders.  We visited the Commonwealth wargrave cemetery located in the township.

We have done this many times before, in fact some blog readers who we have travelled with us in the past have visited this corner of Italy.  The emotional effect a visit has never ceases to surprise us.

It might be the sheer size of the cemetery and the fact that a small corner is the final resting place for so many kiwis.

It might be the amount of effort that goes into maintaining the graves – a small island of peace, quiet and tranquility in the middle of a frantic nation.

It might be the fact that the cemetery sits under the view of the monastery that was the focus for the such a protracted and bitter battle.

It might be the small momentos that are left by the graves – kiwi flags, a piece of paua shell, an ANZAC poppy – none of which are removed and remain year after year.

If you pass this way, stop and see for yourself.

5 thoughts on “Lest we forget

  1. Hiya again. You are both creatures of habit going back to Cassino each time. Our visit in 2008 is a haunting memory for me which will remain with me until I die… especially knowing that Dad had been there and spoken about it..

    • It’s just not possible to drive past. We see the exit sign on the A1, the indicator goes on and the car just eases to the right. It just feels the right thing to do.


  2. Hi. As you titled the post, Lest we forget. I’m reading it on Armistice Day, 11th November.

    I’m pleased you took the time to visit and to show your respect to those that lost their lives.

    In Tuscany the Commonwealth War Graves Commission has the Florence War Cemetery. There are over 1,600 graves of people from the Commonwealth killed in World War 2. The link to the website is here: http://bit.ly/vJ9HUK


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