I Mondiali di Rugby – seconda parte

We were back in Siena for the second All Black game.  Once again the staff at La Birreria performed their magic and found the game buried in the Sky TV menu – as always after the usual fussing and discussions – and we settled in for the duration.

Kiwi's make their presence felt for the RWC in Siena

We were joined by a young Dutch couple who were on holiday in Siena and who were also following the RWC.  Given that the total number of rugby players in Holland is around 5,000 (including men, women and juniors they said) their rugby knowledge was very good.  They were, however, a little surprised when we had the inevitable 10am beer and wine and beer and wine and …

But clearly we weren’t the only Kiwis in Siena watching the game as the photo shows.  The flag was hanging outside the bar we had originally earmarked to watch the games at but which didn’t open early enough for us to able to watch them live.

Apparently the Kiwis had started knocking on the bar door at 10:30am and convinced the staff to open early so they could watch the remainder of the match.  I wonder if a similar approach would have worked anywhere else in the world?

1 thought on “I Mondiali di Rugby – seconda parte

  1. Hi G & Jean
    How neat that you are following the RWC avidly! it certainly is turning out to be a great event, people are finally seeing it’s much bigger than the All Blacks , dare I say that!
    What a fantastic thrashing the Ozzies got from the irish, and it seemed like every NZ-er dug deep to claim some Irish ancestry this weekend!
    Hope all is going well, loved the photo of the Eden Roc, it is just beautiful isn’t it? Hope you got all the info ok re car, air fares etc and will let us know what you would like us to do. No hurry re air fares in any case.
    Take care and keep on enjoying! – Petra

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