Somewhere to relax and watch the world go by

Rome is absolutely full of restaurants and cafes. Every famous monument is surrounded by them and they are on every street corner.

A place to relax - Cafe Angelina, Rome

So to pick one above the others is a big call but here goes.

We like Cafe Angelina on the corner of Via Poli and Via del Bufalo. It is a small cafe next to the apartment that Mike and Charmaine rented in Rome.

It doesn’t have a view of anything famous, in fact it has a view of the other side of the street. It doesn’t have a reputation as being a “spot to be seen”. It doesn’t have fantastic designer decor.

It does have two comfy leather armchairs facing the road, good coffee, good food, friendly staff and a constant stream of tourists and locals past the door. In the hurley burley that is Rome, this place is a wee oasis.

Next time you’re there, try it out.