All Blacks in Italy

Last Saturday morning life at the villa ground to a halt as we watched the All Blacks play Australia in the first Bledisloe Cup rugby match.

We found the broadcast on Sky Italia with the only downside being a choice of Italian or Australian commentary. Sadly no Justin Marshall for us, just Aussie commentators who became more depressed as the first half developed. Even they were struggling to find anything good to say about their local team until after the 50 minute mark. In the end of the game the best they could do was talk up the second half which, apparently, the Australian team won.

Aussies, no surprises there.

2 thoughts on “All Blacks in Italy

  1. And on the subject of AB’s- Tony Hames boy Kane has been called onto the AB bench for the 2nd test. All Kiwirail Scenic staff (current and ex) are being encouraged to watch by a very proud Dad..

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