Our place in Chianti

After a long day travelling from Rome north to Tuscany we arrived at Il Diaccino, our place in Chianti for the next week. The villa is beautiful, set among olive trees and vineyards and overlooking the valley. The towers of Siena can be seen on the horizon – just a reminder of where we are.

The terrace is an ideal place to sit and watch the changing view – from the blue haze of morning to the pink sunset of the evening. It is kept cool in the unseasonably warm weather we have experienced by the breeze coming up the valley.

The villa is so comfortable – like moving into someone’s home – and it’s a chance to unpack and settle for a week. Within 24 hours we had managed to catch too much sun by the pool so we will be sitting in the shade for the next day or so.


8 thoughts on “Our place in Chianti

  1. Finally back in Italy! I am going to miss you coming down for breakfast at the hotel in Positano! I hope I will get to see you anyway! Enjoy Tuscany and the rest of your vacation!!! Simona

    • Always lovely to hear from our friends in Positano. Are you on holiday or are you no longer working at Eden Roc? Very sad to hear if you have left. If you’re walking past Casetta Arienzo, do pop in and say hello. Jean & Graeme

      • We arrive in Positano on Saturday and are staying for 2 weeks. It would be lovely to see you again and catch up on what has been happening. So please feel free to call in anytime. Jean & Graeme

  2. Looks beautiful and as you say stunning view. Enjoy but don’t forget to slip slop slap. Cheers

    • Thanks Sue. We exposed our pale winter kiwi bodies to the sun yesterday and now feeling the pain. Usually takes a bit of Italian sun to burn, so took us a bit by surprise. xx

  3. Finally catching up on your progress – I’m thinking you leave your villa today? Looked very cute.
    No doubt Jean you have your gorgeous Italian tan back after your first week……Bert – who was it sampling the Rose?? I’m thinking it wasn’t Jean..Wish we were there! PS Wellington had it’s hottest winter day yesterday at 18 degrees – not that it matters when you have your Italian sun right now. Happy travels xox

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