Poppie – our ageing girl

Poppie is eleven years old this year. In human years that’s around 67. But no one has told her that, and she still acts like a youngster most of the time.

But every so often you catch her feeling her age, taking the stairs a little slower than usual, sleeping a little longer in the mornings or preferring to snooze on the end of the couch rather than watching the street for anyone brave enough to pass our front gate.

Happily these times are short-lived and before long she’s back to bouncing around the house and terrorising innocent pedestrians.

1 thought on “Poppie – our ageing girl

  1. Sounds like an ideal companion for my boy Pierre who is 10 and has a thing for older ladies. He too has lots of sleeps but still plays like a young lad and thinks he is huge (as long as I am next to him). Pierre came to me from a sadly deceased Chinese friend with Scottish name and a French name for his Spainish bichon! Cheers Ross H

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