A twitch upon the thread

Positano Panorama - small

We never intended to return to Italy for a holiday this year. After visiting last year there were too many other things that demanded our attention, so 2015 was going to be a “stay home” year.

And it remained that way until winter set in, the bleak weather started and “our place” lost  the sun for it’s enforced winter shading.

Then one evening after a long day at work we started to talk about some form of escape to the sun. Just a few days away – maybe Fiji or Rarotonga or at a push Tahiti. But each time we talked about it we came back to the place we would really like to spend some time in the sun.

So we’re off – two weeks in Positano and a few nights in Rome in late August and early September. We can’t wait.


2 thoughts on “A twitch upon the thread

  1. Good on you. Charlie and I are also planning a couple of weeks when I am in between work commitments. But we will be slightly after you. Late September to early October. After a night in Milan we will head to Naples pick up a car and head down to the Amalfi coast and then drive our way back to Milan.

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