Together for Christmas

In order from left to right – Georgie, Bella, Macey, and Poppie.

We had a “house full” of people for Christmas day – and briefly during the afternoon a “couch full” of dogs. Thanks to my dog wranglers for organising this shot.



3 thoughts on “Together for Christmas

  1. Hi G. I think you need to take a closer look at the puppies. L-R is Macie, Bella, George and Poppie Great photo PS: For some unknown reason I can’t reply or comment on your blog – my standard credentials don’t want to work. Dunno


    • Yikes, those puppies must have swapped around after I wrote the caption. All sorted now – unless they’ve moved again when I wasn’t watching.


      PS: As this was your first blog comment I had to approve it – just as a spam precaution. From now on any comments should show up immediately.

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