The Sicilean All Black supporters kit

AB KitToday the All Blacks played the Wallabies in the second Bledisloe Cup test. Despite a TV with over 500 channels these Sicilean AB supporters could find no TV coverage of the game.

Compounding this, the villa internet connection is the narrowest broadband connection in the world and so video was all buffering and no streaming.

But the saviour turned out to be the Radio NZ iPhone app which streamed the radio commentary of the game perfectly. And when broadcast through our portable JBL bluetooth speaker it gave us stadium quality sound.

And what an All Black victory – 51 points to 20 – tutto bene.

1 thought on “The Sicilean All Black supporters kit

  1. We watched the game at the Otrahonga working mans club which had the Aussie commentators, thank goodness we won, would hate to have been listening to them had we lost. We were staying at Woolands Park in a boat ………. Interesting weekend thanks to Ali’s birthday present from the Mays. Enjoy!!

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