A refresh for a trusty workhorse

When it was first produced in 1989 the Mazda MX5 was hailed as the quintessential sports car – open topped, great handling and pretty to boot. I bought one of the first to come into New Zealand and have owned it ever since. It has been great fun to drive and has displayed that legendary Japanese reliability with over 130,000 kilometres on the clock and only minor repairs to show for it.

However in the last 12 months it has started to show it’s age. Not surprising considering the car is close 23 years old, it’s 13 years since it’s last repaint and 10 years since it’s soft top was last replaced.

With that in mind it was despatched to the excellent team at Classic Auto Refinishers in early October with instructions to “make it like new”.

Today they sent some shots of the car as it has progressed. The good news is it’s only a few days away from completion, the bad news is it’s still looking a bit pink.

After the paint shop, the next stop is the upholsters for a new (watertight) hood and then it’s as good as new – just in time for summer.

6 thoughts on “A refresh for a trusty workhorse

  1. Your preperation for summer includes ensureing the car roof is waterproof. A true Wellingtonian.

    • Yes there is a huge degree of irony in a new hood for summer. But then I look out at a wet, windy, cold November day and it all kind of makes sense.

    • I know – it seems such a long time ago and there have been so many changes since. My first memory of the car was being too drunk (after a long agency lunch) to drive it home the day I picked it up so Jean got the honour of the first drive. Top down through rush hour traffic, stereo blaring and me singing along at the top of my voice.

      Maybe things haven’t changed that much after all.

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