Bella Day 7

Bella disgusted

After a week we are starting to get a routine going. The routine is Bella chewing everything while we spend huge amounts of time outside trying to get her to “go toilet”.

Already the mats are looking a little ragged around the edges and feet – any feet – are fair game for chewing and chasing.

Our slightly chewed Poppie – ears and tail mainly –  has worked out that height is the answer. Bella can’t jump up on to couches or beds yet so Poppie spends a lot of time on the bed or the couch – much to Bella’s disgust.

2 thoughts on “Bella Day 7

  1. Poor Poppy, but how cute is Bella, sure they will be best buddies before too long. Keep the photos coming love seeing them. Take care.

    • Hey Sue,

      Really good to hear from you. I’m pretty sure there will be a steady stream of photos hitting the blog over the next week or two. Say hello to Ali for us. Cheers Graeme and Jean.

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