Wellington’s wonderful waterfront

One afternoon last week I took a walk along Wellington’s waterfront. It was a glorious day and it seemed like most of Wellington was out to enjoy it.

When I say I walked along the waterfront, in actual fact, I only walked a short stretch from the Lagoon at the southern end of Frank Kitts Park to Max Patte’s striking sculpture “Solace” near Te Papa.

I walked past some of the Catherine Griffiths sculptures that make up the Wellington Writers Walk, spent time at the sculpture of Kupe, watched children jumping off the wharf by the lagoon entrance and had the chance to observe Wellingtonians doing what Wellingtonians do on a sunny day.

The development of the waterfront area has transformed what was a working wharf 30 years ago into a real asset for the city. It is accessible, well laid out and, with the number of people that use it on a daily basis, incredibly successful.

And it’s still a work in progress. If you get the chance to visit Wellington, or if you’re a Wellingtonian who hasn’t spent any time there recently, check it out. You won’t be disappointed.