Christmas in April

It really did feel a little like christmas on Wednesday when we made our first trip to the storage unit we filled prior to heading overseas last year.

This was our chance to bring some of the precious (and not so precious) things we had put away last year, home.

And every box was a new and exciting experience. Our box labeling was a bit haphazard –  as you’d expect when things were being packed a week before heading overseas – so boxes marked “books” contained plates and boxes marked “plates” contain pictures and boxes marked “pictures” contained books.

Hence the reason it was a bit like christmas.

The bad news was that even after removing around a dozen boxes, the storage unit still looked full to the ceiling. Yikes.

1 thought on “Christmas in April

  1. I thought you we going to say “that the bad news is We still haven’t found what we were looking for”

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