A philosophical issue – toscanakiwi or not toscanakiwi?

One thing we are struggling with at present is our distance from Tuscany. The whole reason for this blog was to let friends and family know about our time in Italy which is now over – for this year at least.  As our stories are no longer about Italy should we change the name of the blog? Should we broaden the name to cover, well, our travels in general? Should we continue the blog at all?

Everytime we have thought about this it has made our collective heads hurt.

But, after much thinking we have arrived at a decision. Although we are back home in New Zealand, our hearts remain in Italy, in the sun, enjoying “la dolce far niente”.

We are still, and will always be, kiwis in Toscana.

5 thoughts on “A philosophical issue – toscanakiwi or not toscanakiwi?

  1. Kind of hard to move to “Our 10 Days in Levin ” Not quite the same so think you should stick with the Italian connection. You could of course move to Eastbourne or Island Bay and pretend…. Welcome back to Wellington!


    • Rossco,

      You’re right, life in Hataitai isn’t quite as interesting as life in Siena. It’s close – well, not really. Anyway we are starting to plan next years trip and remember, all visitors are welcome!


  2. There’s just nothing else for it guys, you are in need of a dose of your travel consultant, if nothing else to tell me more about this trip and let me get some thing in place for the next. It is hard but it is the only way forward for you I’m afraid. You are going to have to commit to a life of travel back and forth Italy-NZ-Italy. Can’t wait to get the one on one low down.


  3. I think you both know you are committed to retaining ToscanaKiwi. Blog on G as it is always good to heat of your adventures. If you want a little taste of Italy closer to home come and visit us in Melbourne! Hope you are settling back into Wellington gently. Is x

    • Hey there,

      Thanks for the support. I’m not sure there is anyway to gently drop back to reality. We move back into our house at the end of March and once settled we can start to plan our next assault on Europe. Next year is sounding good to me.


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