Waitarere Beach

I’ve never been to Waitarere Beach. I’ve driven past the road leading to the beach many times and have always meant to visit but never found the time. Our week in Levin meant we had time.

The beach is a short drive north of Levin and about a 7 kilometer drive east of State Highway One. You drive through typical undulating New Zealand farmland before arriving at the small quirky beach community. Then suddenly the road simply becomes the beach. If you are left in any doubt a sign at the start of the sand says simply “This beach is a road” and from there you are free to drive north or south as far as you want.

The beach stretches for miles in both directions. It is littered with driftwood, tree trunks and there are small streams flowing across the beach at regular intervals. Jean says Waitarere is otherworldy and it seems an apt description.

2 thoughts on “Waitarere Beach

  1. Hi how interesting. We have a real love of Waiterere and have spent many times there, such a “secluded” place, yet ticks all the boxes. Once upon a time when we lived in town we owned a section there with my brother and sister in law, the intention being to build a beach house ~ instead we sold it and moved to Raumati South instead. I LOVE working in town, but love living on the West Coast and a 45 minute drive from the city! You can walk your dogs of the lead, every one you mmet, greets you, it offers THE most stunning sunsets, and the cafe’s aren’t half bad. Anything else you must have is only 45 minutes away!
    Looking forward to catching up with you both face to face soon! Love
    Petra ~ House of Travel Plimmer Steps / enthusiastic resident & fan of North West Coast Wellington, Kapiti & Horowhenua!!! :)

    • Hey Petra,

      The people are incredibly friendly and helpful. When taking one of the photos we had pulled over to the side of the (narrow) road and I’d put on the car’s hazard lights. A passing van pulled and stopped in front of us. The lovely man who got out asked if we needed any help as he assumed we had broken down. Where else in the world would that happen?

      Great comment

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