London is a dangerous place

We spent Tuesday in London. We’ve been there a few times over the last two months for various reasons but the reason for this trip was simple – act like tourists.

For us that meant a visit to Harrods and a wander around Knightsbridge which included a trip to the Louis Vuitton store on Sloane Street.

Those of you who know Harrods, know that a day can easily be spent just wandering through the various departments and marveling at the choice of products available. We wanted a new toy for Poppie but didn’t realise we would have a choice of hundreds. In the end we picked one that seemed appropriate – a designer handbag. Which designer? ‘Chewy Vuitton’ of course.

Lunch was at a cafe opposite Harrods called “The Gran Cafe – Londra” which served a superb late breakfast and which was, for Knightsbridge, great value. We walked off lunch with a stroll to Sloane Street and a visit to the Louis Vuitton shop. With Jean’s birthday coming up in a week, any guesses what her present will be?

A clue – it’s very similar to Poppies toy but the real deal. London really is a dangerous place.

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