On the move

The last week has seen the team from Aspley Guise pack up and move to Bromham. That’s a distance of about 30 kilometres but the move involved serious logistics and planning as well as a decent dollop of muscle over the weekend just past.

Adding interest to the move was the impending “big freeze” that was due to hit the UK on Saturday. Thankfully it held off until the move was finished – just. The lads were enjoying a couple of beers just as the first snow started to drift down.

Next morning our new neighbourhood was under 3 inches of snow – what a lovely welcome to Bromham.

2 thoughts on “On the move

  1. Hello Mate,

    This is very interesting. I have been to Bronham Mill which is a very old ( pre 1066) water driven flour mill. We did this visit en route to Castle Ashby which was a particular favourite of Raewyn’s about 1997 may be. From memory the river which drives the mill is the Ouse and it is still operating, although I suspect mainly for tourists only.

    Canals, castles, mills, trains – it is all of what makes the UK so interesting for me!


    • Good memory. I drove past the old mill a couple of times and was keen to take a photo as the water supply to the mill (from the Great Ouse River) had frozen over. There was so much snow around that pulling into the mill courtyard or onto the side of the road could well have meant the Fiat didn’t make it out until spring.


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