Return to Positano

Our time in Positano is but a distant memory but as we left Positano in early December we videotaped the drive around the main road, down to the village and back again. The plan was to show our lovely readers how narrow the roads were as well as some of the sights of the town.

It has taken a while to edit the footage but it is now as complete as it will ever be.

The trip is along the main road through Positano which runs to Amalfi one way and over the hill to Sorrento in the other. We then detour onto the one way road that winds down the hill to the Positano village and then climbs back up to the main road again.

2 thoughts on “Return to Positano

  1. I think if you lived permanently in Positano, you would have to buy a SMART car or a bambino (saw lots of those on the side of the road, in your movie!). Nice camera work and commentary – look our Jeremy Clarkson! xx

    • Hey Ed,

      You’re right, everyone in Positano owns a small car or a scooter. You can spot the “out of towners” as they are the ones trying to squeeze big sedans down tiny roads and causing resultant chaos.

      It’s not obvious in the video but even driving our modest Megane through some of the gaps on the road was quite a challenge.

      Great to hear from you.

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