Heading north for the winter

Tomorrow we leave Positano and start the drive north to the UK. As a friend pointed out this seems exactly the wrong direction to be heading as the northern hemisphere winter sets in, but it’s a drive to stay with friends for Christmas in what, for us, will be a new experience.  A winter Christmas.

We will be sorry to leave Positano which has treated us very well but it is time to move on.

This means dragging our battered suitcases out of the cupboard they’ve sat in, forgotten, for 5 weeks and packing our lives into them for the journey north. Hopefully our lives haven’t grown in size too much so we can’t get them closed.

We then need to fit the suitcases into our trusty Renault, ensuring there is enough room left for the girls and for us.

Our next deadline is Calais for a vet check for the girls next Tuesday with a channel crossing on Wednesday so we have just under a week for the trip. Two nights are going to be spent in Rome at the lovely Hotel Barocco on Piazza Barberini to allow us to throw “those coins” into “that fountain” as an insurance policy for our return to Rome in the future. The next night we will be staying in or around Cinque Terre. Beyond that, we’ll be making things up as we go.

Ciao Positano, see you again soon.

2 thoughts on “Heading north for the winter

  1. Safe journey and travels on your way to England – have heard that there is a lot of snow – so think you will be having a white christmas – just think of all the movie montages you will get from that! Ensure you leave room in the renault for some wine from Calais! Take care xxxx

    • Hey Ed,

      Thank you for the good wishes. We’ve made it to Troyes in France ok so all good so far. I hadn’t thought about the duty free side of things. We’ll make sure there is a wee bit of space left, somewhere.

      G & J

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