An afternoon in Marina del Cantone

When you drive along the Amalfi Peninsular towards Termini you come to a crossroads. Up the hill to the right is Termini. Down the hill to the left is Marina del Cantone. If you head down the hill you wind through some lovely countryside, through the quaint village of Nerano, until eventually ending up on the water in Marina del Cantone.

Like Positano, this was a traditional fishing village but now makes it’s living largely through tourism. Bars and restaurants line the beach and behind these are hotels and apartments for rent.

We stumbled on Marina del Cantone almost by accident. We had an hour or so to fill while we waited for the sun to go down over Capri so took the road down the hill. In the middle of summer the beach would be packed but in November it is only the locals (and us) who keep the bars and restaurants open. It was a delightful place to sit and watch. Watch the local lads drag small boats up the beach for the night. Watch the visitors from Naples enjoy a late lunch and a walk along the beach – in their designer boots and jackets. And watch the local kids playing on the pier as I suspect they have for generations.

We didn’t quite know what to expect from Marina del Cantone but an hour wasn’t enough time to explore so we’ll be back.

2 thoughts on “An afternoon in Marina del Cantone

  1. If you go back walk around the point to La Conca del Sogno. It is a privately owned cove with a restaurant where you will get some of the best Southern Italian food you will find. There is a post on mynblog about it, simply called La Conca del Sogno.

    • Debra,

      Great tip. La Conca del Songa sounds fantastic. We will be back in the marina later in the week and will take your advice. I hope the restaurant is still open as many places are now shutting for the winter.


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