Tuesday – it must be Nocelle

This week we are getting out a bit more than usual.  With only two weeks until we leave Positano there is still a long list of things we want to do and see but time is running out.

Today we drove to Nocelle.  Nocelle is a small village nestled into the cliffs directly above Positano. That’s right, if you stand in the main square of Positano and look up that tiny hamlet about as far up the cliffs as you can get is Nocelle.

The road to Nocelle is spectacular.  It is the width of a single driveway with turns that are barely possible to make on full steering lock. It has gradiants that are more familiar to a cog railway and, best of all, it’s two way. And there’s a regular bus service to Nocelle which we met both going to and returning from the hamlet.

But when you arrive the view over Positano and along the coast to Capri in the distance is stunning.