In the quiet of the evening

Last night I drove about 2 kms from the villa to a point overlooking the bay to capture some sunset photos – yes, again. I wasn’t the only one with this idea as the spot was packed with cars and fellow photographers. We were collectively treated to a stunning end of the day.

I had taken my tripod so I could capture photos of Positano as twilight fell. Gradually, as the light dropped, the other snappers left and I was left alone to contemplate whatever it is you contemplate at these moments.

What struck me was the sheer stillness of the evening – something you don’t often experience in Wellington.

At six o’clock the church bells at Praiano rang out about 4 kms further along the coast with the bells of St Maria Assunta in Positano joining in soon after. Despite the distance you could hear them clearly and as they finished their impromptu stereo concerto and the silence returned I could make out the voices of fisherman in small boats working nets at the bottom of the cliff about 300 metres below.

Then a gaggle of scooters whipped past on the road and the moment was gone.