Fun in the sun

You can never have enough pool toys

Daisy has taken up a fair bit of our time lately, but prior to that we managed a bit of pool time. It was the only way to keep cool in the 35 to 40 degree heat.

Clearly in Europe everyone turns up at the pool with some form of inflatable toy to amuse themselves. Often there are so many toys in the pool it’s difficult to find a spot to swim.

Not to be outdone Jean splashed out (excuse the pun) on a lilo. All of 5 Euro at the local inflatable pool toy store.

Jean and Nacho Libre

The man who sits by the pool has made a wee movie showing Jean in action.

Please note, the ocassional swat at the water is simply Jean avoiding wasps, bees, bugs, etc, that have made their way into the pool.






2 thoughts on “Fun in the sun

  1. love the movie and little captions – mounting the lilo was very graceful….and think you are now an expert on all things about not doing much! The tan is looking very healthy! lots love

    • Thanks Ed. Sadly have managed to puncture the lilo so blow it up for each pool session. Have discovered it attracts wasps though ….after I got stung!! Love to all x

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