The Woburn Abbey annual classic car show

Something for the lads.  Woburn Abbey hosts an annual car show which draws entries from all around Britain.  This year my mate Andre and I attended.  Andre owns a pristine Triumph Stag (pictured in the slideshow) and as we drove up the organisers mis-took the car for an entry in the show rather than simply a spectator vehicle.  We felt quite privileged to be parked alongside such a great mix of classic cars.

Assorted pictures are below and as always there is a substantial prize for anyone who can correctly name all the cars.

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1 thought on “The Woburn Abbey annual classic car show

  1. Hey Graham,

    Didnt realise you and Jean had hired a concours condition Austin Alegro?

    Its up there with the E Type as an exemplar of British Automotive pride.

    Good luck on the Autostradas!


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