An escape to the south coast – Part 3

Following the storm last week I did another photo trip around Wellington’s southern coast.

Everywhere there were remnants of the storm – rooves covered in tarpaulins rather than tiles, sea walls partially demolished and road edges undermined and collapsing.

Even on a sunny afternoon the sea was still throwing waves at the coast with Owhiro Bay, in particular, having an endless succession of breakers crashing against the beach.

The trip ended just past Owhiro Bay as the tarmac transformed into a walkway and a helpful barrier arm suggested this was the end of the road.

4 thoughts on “An escape to the south coast – Part 3

  1. OMG Mowday – those are lovely. I am sad for the damage to the wall at Island bay – but the boat, horse and lighthouse are lovely to see again.

    • Hey there, the photos are my pleasure. It’s amazing how quickly the area is recovering from the battering it received and I’m sure that the council guys will be attacking the sea wall as soon as more urgent clean up is done.

      I hadn’t seen the row boat deck or sea horses before so they were a pleasant surprise. The creativity in design along that stretch of coast is amazing.


  2. Beautiful photos! I could never get a clear shot of the South Island from the Wellington coast; I didn’t actually think it was possible. :) Well done!

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