The Beach

Today we went to the beach.  We walked down the 239 steps to Arienzo Beach and paid €9 each for a lounger, an umbrella and a spot on the private part of the beach.

After an hour of tanning and swimming we adjourned to the Arienzo Beach Club for a pasta lunch, beer and Gin & Tonic.  The beach club is a restaurant and bar built on the beach and consists of poles, canvas, chairs and tables.  It’s amazing they can produce good food but based on our choices for lunch, they can.  What’s more, anything to do with seafood is fresh – caught that morning, in fact.

After another hour in the 32 degree sun we headed up the steps. – all 239 of them.  The walk up takes you past some of the most expensive villas in Positano and at the leisurely pace we were walking we got to see them in detail.  I was most impressed by the one with the brand new Ferrari out front and, to allow the car to turn around, a turntable at the end of the drive.

I’m sure the Ferrari driver was equally impressed by the two hot, sweaty, smelly, gasping tourists staring at his car and his turntable.

3 thoughts on “The Beach

  1. Hiya mate, are those stones or sand on the beach? I cant remember. Also I recall the turntables for cars at Postano. They are a bit more exotic than the rusty cast iron pads they have in the UK in coastal villages in Devon and Cornwall where the roads are very narrow. I used one once. Often the biggest problem is actually getting all four car wheels on to the turntable, esepcially when you are on your own! – Geoffman

  2. Very nice. And it brings back some good memories from six years ago …
    Can I see the Ferrari please …

  3. Amazing – don’t know about ascending the 239 steps though! Just reported in our tvone news bulletin that you are in for a heatwave of up to 40 degrees for the rest of the week. Keep cool..

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